Web Links

Blue Monster Prep

Are you prepared? for what? well any emergency weather it be natural disaster, doomsday or just a tree taking out the power for a few hours. Go to Blue Monster Prep!!!

This is the official link to City of Longview website. It is important that we stay vigilant in holding our local officials accountanble and up to date with our community.

Qutiefrankly TV

Quitefrankly is a all around classic American show. Frank covers a broad range of topics from zodiac symbols, aliens and all the way to politics, crime and corruption.

Dr. V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai, who is he and what does he do? Well simply put he could be considered exhibit A for what the American dream looks like. Some would say he has a unconventional perspective and methods regarding medicine and science. If you are a open mined individual and like to explore truth and educate your self then check his website out! I guarantee you wont have any regrets.


This site was started by someone connected to the Convention of states grass roots NPO. You can find all kinds of information analysis on your local officials as well as elections.

KLTV.org ( Local Tv network )

KLTV was established in the 70s and has been our local community tv network covering high school games, local events, and our local city council meetings. Follow the link below to access their video storage.